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Hot Topics Regarding Child Custody

CHILD CUSTODYTwo parents are struggling to make sure that the future of their child will not be affected in a major way by their separation. And all this happens amid anger, disillusion and fear. It is easy to see that there are many questions that need quick answers and that parents find it hard to be friends who cooperate for the sake of their child. We have here a list of hot topics that might interest parents who are dealing with the problem of child custody.

Do both parents have the same rights when it comes to child custody and visitation?

During a divorce, the court tries to decide which change would be in the best interest of the child. Both the father and the mother have equal rights to the child’s custody and both of them can visit the child following the schedule that was agreed. However, even though the parents have agreed on a certain arrangement, the court can refuse to honor it if it was determined that the child will not be favored by it.

Is the child’s desire taken into consideration?

As a matter of fact, the desires of a child are very important for determining the details of the custody. A child can decide with whom he wants to live and his thoughts are carefully analyzed by the court. It is a difficult period for a child who was accustomed to live with both his father and his mother and he can be confused. Some children, trying to avoid hurting their parents, tell both parents that they want to live with them.

How will parents deal with the future disagreements?

It should not be assumed that two parents will always agree on the important things that will determine the future of their child. Even though they equally love that child, they can have different opinions and this can lead to misunderstandings. The initial parenting plan, which was agreed on during divorce, will solve these future problems. This plan explains how to deal with misunderstandings related to the future of the child. If these misunderstandings appear, sometimes the parent with whom the child lives can have the right to make the final decision, whereas in other cases, one parent is entitled to make certain decisions and the other one to make other decisions.

Can the custody decision be changed later?

A parent can decide that it is necessary to reanalyze the case and to make another decision because some major changes that can affect the child’s future have appeared.

Is it a rule to offer custody to the mother?

No, both parents are considered to be equal and either of them is able to request the custody of the child. The court will analyze the case based on the evidence that is offered and the decision will be made considering the best interest of the child. Also, it is very important for the court to find out the child’s preference and his opinion regarding his living with one of his parents.

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